Marias 4 County Fair - Toole Pondera Liberty and Glacier Counties


2023 4-H Schedule of Events

4-H at Marias Fair


Saturday, July 15

8:00 am

4-H Pre-Fair Clean-up Day
Food Safety Training to follow [Food Booth]

Tuesday, July 18

9:00 am Working Ranch Horse Judges Clinic
10:00 am Working Ranch Horse Show

Wednesday, July 19

9 am-Noon Interview Judging for Livestock & Horse Projects
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
12:15 pm Interview Judges Training [4-H Exhibit Building]
1:00-5 pm Interview Judging
3:00 pm All 4-H Livestock Due in Barns
4:45 pm Livestock Exhibitor meeting [Seewald Barn]
5:00-8 pm Market Livestock Weigh-ins
7:00-8:30 pm 4-H Exhibit Building County Area Setup
8:00 pm Horses due in if competing for Herdsmanship
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm Exhibit Building Closed for Award Display Setup
9:00 pm All Animal Barns and Arenas Closed

Thursday, July 20

6:30-9 am CHS Breakfast at Food Booth
7:30 am 4-H Swine Showmanship & Judging, Pen of 3 and Swine Breeding Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
10:00 am 4-H Cat Judging [Old Sale Barn]
10:30 am 4-H Pocket Pet Judging [Old Sale Barn]
11:00 am Food Booth Opens
11:00 am 4-H Rabbit Judging [Old Sale Barn]
11:30 am 4-H Rabbit Agility (Exhibition) [Old Sale Barn]
1:00 pm 4-H Market Beef Judging & Beef Showmanship, Pen of 3 Market Beef Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
5:30 pm 4-H Sheep Showmanship & Judging, Pen of 3 Market Lamb and 4-H Sheep Breeding Judging and Fleece Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
6:00 pm Freestyle Horsemanship [Horse Arena]
6:30 pm 4-H Meat/Market Goat Showmanship & Judging, follwed by Meat Goat Breeding Show [Seewald Barn]
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm Exhibit Building, Animal Barns & Arenas Close

Friday, July 21

6:30-9 am Nutrien Breakfast at Food Booth
7:15 am 4-H Horse Show check-in (Mandatory)
7:30 am 4-H Horse Show Contestants may meet with judge at announcer's stand
8:00 am 4-H Horse Show & Judging, followed by barrels and poles [Horse Arena]
8:00 am 4-H Dairy Goat Showmanship, followed by Dairy Goat Breeding Show [Old Sale Barn]
9:00 am 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging [Seewald Barn]
9:30 am 4-H Beef Breeding Judging [Seewald Barn]
10:00 am Public Presentations [Exhibit Building]
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
11:00 am Beef Breeds Steer Show [Seewald Barn]
12:00 pm Carcass Ultrasounding [Seewald Barn]
1:00 pm 4-H Poultry Judging [Old Sale Barn]
3:15 pm Livestock Judging Contest Check in
3:30 pm Livestock Judging Contest [Seewald Barn]
5:00 pm Round Robin Practice [Seewald Barn]
6:00 pm Fashion Revue Style Show [Exhibit Building]
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm Exhibit Building, Animal Barns & Arenas Close

Saturday, July 22

6:30-9 am Cut Bank Auto Body Breakfast at Food Booth
7:45 am 4-H Dog Show check-in
8:00 am 4-H Dog Showmanship & Obedience Judging [Dog Arena]
8:00 am Horse Arena Closed During Dog Show
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
10:00 am Public Presentations [Exhibit Building]
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
11:00 am Round Robin Showmanship Competition [Seewald Barn]
12:00 pm Horses released
12:00 pm Pony Rides
1:00-2:30 pm Pre-Sale Social [Seewald Barn]
3:00 pm Market Livestock Auction Sale [Seewald Barn]
6:30 pm Tough Enough to Wear Pink participants leave horse barns for rodeo arena
7:00 pm Tough Enough to Wear Pink Grand Entry for Horse Project Participants [Rodeo Arena]
6:30-8 pm All Exhibits dismissed from Exhibit Building
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm Exhibit Building, Animal Barns & Arenas Close

Sunday, July 23

  Food Booth Closed for cleanup
7:00 am Market lamb, hog and goat load out
8:30 am Market Steer load out
8:30-10 am Livestock stall and barn cleanup
10:00 am Deadline for horse, livestock and small animal stall check-out
11:00 am Awards Ceremony [Seewald Barn]


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Information & Updates on the 4-H Fair:
Marias Fair 4-H Facebook Page


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4H Livestock Auction

4-H Market Livestock Auction

Saturday, July 22, 2023 - Seewald Barn, Marias Fairgrounds
1:00 pm Pre-Sale Social & Buyer Registration
3:00 pm Live Auction

The 4-H livestock auction will be held Saturday, July 23 at 3 p.m. at the Seewald Barn at the Marias Fairgrounds. Online bidding will also be available through for anyone unable to attend the sale in person.

From MSU Extension Agents:

The Marias Fair 4-H livestock sale will soon be here! Be ready to bid early, this sale is going to go fast! We're anticipating 47 market steers, 12 market lambs, 37 swine, and 8 meat goats.

Please let us know if you'd like more information on the sale and we'll have a local Extension Agent, 4-Her, and/or livestock committee member get in contact with you.

Thanks for supporting 4-H!


4H Livestock Auction

Lots of photos from previous years' fairs are available for online viewing/downloading/ordering. Photos by Lindsey Habets, Hi Line Web Design.

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More information & Resources for Members is available at
MSU Extension's Website


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