Marias 4 County Fair - Toole Pondera Liberty and Glacier Counties

Mutton Busting


Thursday & Friday @ 6:00 pm,
Right before the Marias River Stampede Rodeo


Mutton Busting at the Marias Fair




The Marias River Stampede Rodeo will have Mutton Busting (sheep riding for the little tykes) again this year! All the young cowboys and cowgirls can sign up to ride a sheep both nights right before the Rodeo.

Info on Participation:

  • Must be under 40 lbs to enter
  • Turn completed Registration/Release Form in to the Marias Fair Office (BOTH Parents or Guardians must sign release form).
  • Only 20 entrees per evening will be accepted, so register early.┬áBe at the arena by no later than 5:30 pm the day of the rodeo.
  • All entrees will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Questions: Call the Marias Fair Office at 434-2692.

Sheep Riding Registration & Release Form



Mutton Busting at the Marias Fair.