Marias 4 County Fair - Toole Pondera Liberty and Glacier Counties

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2022 4-H Schedule of Events

4-H at Marias Fair


Saturday, July 16

8:00 am 4-H Pre-Fair Clean-up Day
9:00 am Shotgun Tournament

Tuesday, July 19

9:00 am Working Ranch Horse Judges Clinic
10:00 am Working Ranch Horse Show

Wednesday, July 20

9 am-Noon Interview Judging for Livestock Projects
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
12:15 pm Interview Judges Training [4-H Exhibit Building]
1:00-5 pm Interview Judging
3:00 pm All 4-H Livestock Due in Barns
4:45 pm Livestock Exhibitor meeting [Seewald Barn]
5:00-8 pm Market Livestock Weigh-ins
7:00-8:30 pm 4-H Exhibit Building County Area Setup
8:00 pm Horses due in if competing for Herdsmanship
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm Exhibit Building Closed for Top Award Display Setup
9:00 pm All Animal Barns and Arenas Closed

Thursday, July 21

6:30-9 am CHS Breakfast at Food Booth
7:30 am 4-H Swine Showmanship & Judging, Pen of 3 and Swine Breeding Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
10:00 am Public Presentations Begin [Exhibit Building]
10:00 am 4-H Cat Judging [Old Sale Barn]
10:30 am 4-H Pocket Pet Judging [Old Sale Barn]
11:00 am Food Booth Opens
11:00 am 4-H Rabbit Judging [Old Sale Barn]
11:30 am 4-H Rabbit Agility (Exhibition) [Old Sale Barn]
1:00 pm 4-H Market Beef Judging & Beef Showmanship, Pen of 3 Market Beef Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
5:30 pm 4-H Sheep Showmanship & Judging, Pen of 3 Market Lamb and 4-H Sheep Breeding Judging and Fleece Judging to follow [Seewald Barn]
6:00 pm Freestyle Horsemanship [Horse Arena]
6:30 pm 4-H Market Goat Judging [Seewald Barn] (Showmanship on Friday)
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm All Exhibit Buildings close
9:00 pm All Animal Barns and Arenas Closed

Friday, July 22

6:30-9 am Nutrien Breakfast at Food Booth
7:15 am 4-H Horse Show check-in (Mandatory)
7:30 am 4-H Horse Show Contestants may meet with judge at announcer's stand
8:00 am 4-H Horse Show & Judging, followed by barrels and poles [Horse Arena]
8:00 am 4-H Goat Showmanship [Old Sale Barn] followed by 4-H Goat Judging (non market)
9:00 am 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging [Seewald Barn]
9:30 am 4-H Beef Breeding Judging [Seewald Barn]
10:00 am Public Presentations [Exhibit Building]
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
11:00 am Beef Breeds Steer Show [Seewald Barn]
12:00 pm Carcass Ultrasounding [Seewald Barn]
1:00 pm 4-H Poultry Judging [Old Sale Barn]
2:45 pm Livestock Judging Contest Check in
3:00 pm Livestock Judging Contest [Seewald Barn]
4:30 pm Round Robin Practice [Seewald Barn]
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm All Exhibit Buildings close
9:00 pm All Animal Barns and Arenas Closed

Saturday, July 23

7:45 am 4-H Dog Show check-in
8:00 am 4-H Dog Showmanship & Obedience Judging [North of Horse Arena]
8:00 am Horse Arena Closed During Dog Show
10:00 am 4-H Exhibit Building Opens
10:00 am Fashion Revue Public Showing [Exhibit Building]
11:00 am 4-H Food Booth Opens
11:00 am Round Robin Showmanship Competition [Seewald Barn]
12:00 pm Horses released
12:00 pm Pony Rides
1:00 pm Pre-Sale Social [Seewald Barn]
3:00 pm Market Livestock Auction Sale [Seewald Barn]
6:30 pm Tough Enough to Wear Pink participants leave horse barns for rodeo arena
7:00 pm Tough Enough to Wear Pink Grand Entry for Horse Project Participants [Rodeo Arena]
6:30-8 pm All Exhibits dismissed from Exhibit Building
8:00 pm Food Booth Closes
9:00 pm All Exhibit Buildings close
9:00 pm All Animal Barns and Arenas Closed

Sunday, July 24

  Food Booth Closed for cleanup
7:00 am Market lamb, hog and goat load out
8:30 am Market Steer load out
8:30-10 am Livestock stall and barn cleanup
10:00 am Deadline for horse, livestock and small animal stall check-out
11:00 am Awards Ceremony [Seewald Barn]
12:30 pm Water Fight [SE of Food Booth]


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Information & Updates on the 4-H Fair:
Marias Fair 4-H Facebook Page


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4H Livestock Auction

4-H Market Livestock Auction

Saturday, July 23, 2022 - Seewald Barn, Marias Fairgrounds
1:00 pm Pre-Sale Social
3:00 pm Sale

The 4-H livestock auction will be held Saturday, July 23 at 3 p.m. at the Seewald Barn at the Marias Fairgrounds. Online bidding will also be available through for anyone unable to attend the sale in person.

Everyone will need to register for the auction to receive a buyer's number. In person registration will begin at 1:30 p.m. on sale day for the live auction. If you wish to bid online OR to expedite the registration line on sale day, you may register prior to the sale at Anyone registering online but bidding in person will just need to pick up their bidder card on sale day. Please be sure to arrive prior to the sale to allow time to register and/or pick up your bidder number.

Additional Auction Details: MSU Marias Fair Website

4H Livestock Auction

Lots of photos from previous years' fairs are available for online viewing/downloading/ordering. Photos by Lindsey Habets, Hi Line Web Design.

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