Marias 4 County Fair - Toole Pondera Liberty and Glacier Counties

Marias River Stampede Rodeo

Friday and Saturday Nights 7:00 pm

Admission: Adult $20, Students and Seniors $10
Over 80 and under 8 are free.

Marias River Stampede Rodeo at Marias Fair - PRCA Rodeo, Shelby MT

Friday: Veterans Night
Saturday: Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Concerts following the Rodeo

Friday night: Divas Through the Decades
Saturday night: Copper Mountain Band

More Info on Concerts

Mutton Busting

Mutton Busting both nights at 6:30 pm!

Sign in will be at 6:00 pm.
Information on how to Participate

Bert Davis, "The Coppertown Clown"

Sit yourself down, and prepare to be entertained! Bert Davis, the Coppertown Clown is here! He's armed with a wacky sense of humor and a wonderfully trained group of dogs and performing in front of a large rodeo crowd is ‘old hat’ for this veteran entertainer, rodeo clown, barrelman and specialty act. His stage is a rodeo arena and his cast of players’ bark and howl; his quick wit, award winning comedy routines and ability to interact with a crowd offers up the promise of tear rolling laughter for his audiences.

Bert Davis, often dubbed the “Clown with all the Dogs” reached the third round in the TV show: America's Got Talent; they were the only animal act to make it to Las Vegas in 2010. Known as the “Muttley Crew” this act features ten rescue dogs, adopted by Bert and his wife, Frannie, all of whom are superbly trained tricksters.

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